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From: Barry Mattison
Subject: College in the Desert-Chapter XVCollege in the Desert-Chapter XV
Vacation Continues
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the good times and the bad times of that relationship over the coming
years. The characters in “College in the Desert” are all fictional and any
semblance to real persons–living or deceased–is purely coincidental.DISCLAIMER:This fictional story is written for the gay reader in particular and
describes scenes of male nudity and sexual acts between two or more guys
that some readers may find inappropriate and/or unsuitable for their
reading. Please do not read any further if you find such reading offensive
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Chapter XV-Seaside Vacation Continues
———————————————————————-If you didn’t read the last few chapters, stop right here, go back, and
catch up because now there’s a problem…Justin and I had been out sunning on the beach, understandable since we
were on vacation at the California shore near Santa Cruz, and had gotten
wind and sun burned. Ted, our hosts’ son at the B&B we were staying at
offered to put some special concoction on the burned areas of Lolita Toplists
each of us
after dinner that evening. Ted, our age, was a nice guy we had already
gotten to know a little bit; he was gay and in a new relationship, and had
two father’s who ran the B&B.He had started with me, as I had the worst burns on my backside. I laid
face down so he could get the worst areas. He had come a little close to my
cheeks with his hands a few times, had given me a semi with his gentle
touch, and had even put me to sleep for a few minutes. He was very good at
massaging. Justin on the other hand had been burnt more on his front and
was lying on his back. I was a little sleepy from just getting the “once
over” from Ted with the goo, but was watching Ted put the stuff on
Juss. Everything was going fine until he started getting closer and closer
to Justin’s erect boner. I thought that Justin would stop him at some
point, but his hand was already at the edge of his flimsy bikini swim
wear. I couldn’t understand why Justin wouldn’t stop, why he would take
such a chance of destroying our relationship with me right there. All the
negative thoughts Lolita Toplists from the past started to bounce around in my mind and I
couldn’t handle it.I was starting to freak out, get jealous, upset, and quietly started crying
into my pillow. All the thoughts of infidelity, us breaking up, everything
negative were starting to flood my mind and I couldn’t stop getting more
and more depressed. I didn’t have the nerve to look back to see what was
going on Lolita Toplists for fear I was right.Not being able to stand it anymore, I jumped up out of bed, ran out of the
room to the pool and sat in one of the chairs, sobbing. In my mind, I’d
lost trust with Justin from what I thought I’d seen and couldn’t see how we
could continue our relationship. I was ready to get in the car and go home.Ted and Justin came running out right behind me; Justin sat down and tried
to put his arms around me, but I pushed him away.”Babe, what’s the matter, what happened?”In between the sobs, I tried to get out what I was thinking. “WHAT
HAPPENED? What do you mean? Ted was just about to give you a hand
job…blow job…sob…whatever, and you were laying right there as if I
wasn’t even in the room.”I had to stop for a minute as I was crying too hard. “How could you? We
promised to love only each other. You know how I feel about our
relationship being monogamous. I just don’t understand!”By now I was almost uncontrollable. My whole body was shaking and thoughts
of wanting to end the vacation and go home were entering my mind. I didn’t
even know if I could be around either of them.Justin, ever the calm one, just waited a moment, then spoke.”Listen honey, I wasn’t going to break any promise that we ever made
between us or take any chance of destroying our relationship. I love you
too much Lolita Toplists to ever take that chance. Look at me please when I tell you this.”He gently placed his fingertips under my chin and turned my head until our
eyes met. I don’t why I let him, but Lolita Toplists I did.”Look me in the eye when I say this; I would never, and will never
jeopardize our relationship over something as silly as a hand job from
someone we barely know, or anyone else for that matter, ever. Do you
understand that? Do you? I don’t know what happened or what you thought was
happening in the room, but yes, I did get hard from Ted’s massaging that
stuff. Partly because I was falling asleep, just as you did, imagining it
was you doing the massage, and, I did fall asleep, just as you did as I
watched you as Ted rubbed you down with the stuff. I only woke up when you
went running out of the room. If Ted had touched my cock I would have woken
up and stopped him from doing anything further, I can promise you that. I
have never lied to you before and I won’t in the future. Do you believe
me?”I looked away for a few seconds to think about what he had said and was
starting to look back at him when Ted interrupted.”Listen guys, I’m the one that’s responsible for this mess and I’m
sorry. In a way I sort of led both of you on partly because that’s usually
what’s expected by most of the ‘couples’ who stay here, and partly because
I see how much you guys love each other and in some twisted Lolita Toplists
way I’m jealous
of that. Maybe I was testing it, I don’t know, but it was wrong and I am so
sorry for doing that. If I had been the one responsible for breaking up
such a beautiful relationship I would never have forgiven myself. I know
you both hate me and I’ll stay out of your way while you’re here the rest
of the week, so please don’t leave. I want you to enjoy yourselves and not
dwell on this. Doug, Justin, can you forgive me? It’s obvious I have a lot
to learn about real relationships like yours.”Justin and I looked at each other and we both started crying as we reached
out and embraced tightly.Ted had started to walk away when I called to him.”Ted, come back please. I have to say something to you. Will you?” It was
obvious he was starting to tear up. “Thank you for being so honest about
what happened. That means so much to me, and I know it means the same to
Justin. And in all honesty, at least on my part, you are very good at what
you do with the massage and I had a boner just from your hands being all
over me. I need to apologize to you if you felt I led you on now that I
know about this ‘other’ expectation placed on you as part of your job
here. But I truly believe neither of us would have let you do anything to
interfere with our relationship.I’m sorry that other so called ‘couples’ come Lolita Toplists here expecting you to perform
for them. That has to make you feel bad about yourself and it’s not
right. Do your dads know about this?”"No, I’ve never told them, and it isn’t right and I hate it. It sits in the
back of my mind when I try to have an honest and open relationship with my
boyfriend and causes more problems because somehow it’s ‘part of the job’
and yet it makes me feel like a prostitute. How can I tell a boyfriend
something like that?”My thoughts were getting mixed up a little between Ted, his problem, and
this whole incident. I think I was still having doubts about Justin for
some reason. He must have read my mind. I looked at him, still feeling some
hesitation, but I wanted so much to believe him. He looked at me with tears
in his eyes.”I don’t know what else I can say or do for you to believe me babe, but I
love you with all my being and you’re the only one I want and need to
fulfill that love.”Juss, I’m sorry I thought you would ever jeopardize what we have. I love
you so much, but you know how sensitive I am and how quick I jump to
conclusions and react. I’m just so sorry. I don’t know why I feel this
insecure…I’ve always been the strong one, always in charge, and now I
feel like a dope for doubting that you love me?”"Yes babe, I do. Nothing has changed between us. In fact, each time we have
these problems, we work Lolita Toplists them out and become stronger in our love for each
other. I know it sounds like some sort of fairy tale, Lolita Toplists but I also know that
now is the time for us to learn to work these things out, not later.”With that he reached out…pulling me close, then wrapped his lanky arms
around me tight and put his head on my shoulder, sniffling still from the
tears in Lolita Toplists
his eyes. I put my arms around him, pulling him tight to me and
put my head down on his shoulder. We just stood there, both of us softly
sobbing until it felt right to lift up our heads and kiss. All the problems
melted away with that kiss and we knew we would be alright now.Justin turned his thoughts to another problem. “I also am concerned about
our buddy Ted and agree with what you’re probably thinking, knowing you,
that what’s been happening to him is not right and we need to help him
somehow.”Ted looked at us a little confused, tears still running from his
eyes. “Wait a sec. I almost destroy the most beautiful romance between two
guys I’ve ever seen, and not only do you guys make up, but you want to help
me. Why would you want to do that after what I almost did? Nobody’s ever
really cared “”First, we both forgive you for what happened. Our relationship is stronger
than that. Second, it’s just not right that you should have to carry that
burden around in that noggin of yours that you’re nothing but a sex toy for
some lousy city jerks who take advantage of you because of their inadequacy
in holding together their own relationship. Lastly, do your father’s know
about this?”"Well…no, not really. I don’t want to upset them because of everything
they’ve done for me. They’re my parents. They raised me, took care of me
when I got hurt, gave me money to go out, treated me right and loved me no
matter how I felt. They gave me a good job here and I just figured it was
part of the job.”"We can both tell you that it should not be part of the job. It’s up to you
because you’re old enough to make that decision, but if I was in your
shoes, I would be talking to your parents and telling them how it makes me
feel when these guys do the things they do to you. It not part of your job
and you should insist it be changed immediately as Lolita Toplists well as any other
’sexual perks’ the clients expect. But like I said, it’s your decision;
we’ll stand behind you if you need the support.”"Thanks guys. I think it’s time to have that talk with my dads. It’s nice
to be treated like a human being for a change. I’ll let you know how things
turn out.”We both got a hug from him and off he went to have his talk.”Well,” Justin said as he reached out to take my hand, “you’re such an
amazing person, and I’m pretty lucky to have found you. We just went from
almost breaking Lolita Toplists
up to helping the guy that almost came between us. Life
sure is funny and you’re a funny guy.”"Well comedy expert, think we can stand the hot spots and burns spots
enough to make some Blue Goo love to end this weird day…in our room of
course?”"I think that would be just wonderful, after all, Ted did leave a note for
the maids that we’d need clean sheets.”We spent the rest of the evening making passionate,
intimate…ouch…love. The Blue Goo turned out to create an interesting,
slippery mess of things. But I thought better when it came time in our
lovemaking that Justin was begging me to fuck him with my stiff cock. I
pulled out the lube from our bag, drizzled some on my cock and rubbed it up
and down with my hand before dropping a little more in my hand and placing
it on Justin’s crack, rubbing my hand with the lube up and down between his
hard cheeks, occasionally inserting my middle finger up his chute and
twisting it around. He loved it when I did this and moved his butt back and
forth on my fingers as Lolita Toplists I inserted another. Moving them in and out, round
and round drove him over the edge. I flipped him over on his tummy and
began to rub my slick dick up and down between his cheeks, driving him even
wilder, until the tip found its way into the warmth of his chute. I began a
slow in and out movement, pulling out until just the tip of my engorged
cock was at his inviting pink hole before shoving it back in. Soon we were
in the lust-filled throes of rhythmic lovemaking and the events of the day
faded away as we both erupted simultaneously in one big orgasm. We both
fell asleep as we rolled onto our sides, my hard cock still inside him as
we spooned tightly together.The next morning, after showering, cleaning up the room and pulling the
sheets off the bed, we went to the breakfast room for the Lolita Toplists
continental meal and met up with Walt and Pete, Ted’s parents. After a
light breakfast Walt asked us if we would mind coming into their home for a
few minutes to chat. We said sure, hoping we hadn’t gotten Ted into any
trouble if he’d gone ahead and tried to speak up for himself last night. We
followed them through the office, through some hallways and into a very
spacious family room where we were invited to sit on the couch.Walt, the slightly bigger of the couple, and more talkative one, offered us
coffee, but we thanked him and declined. We usually only had one cup first
thing in the morning.”What a beautiful place you have. You would never know it’s a part of the
B&B.”"Thanks boys. We’ve spent many years building this place up to what it is
now while raising our son. Which brings me to why we asked you to stop in
for a minute. Teddy came to us last night with an unusual story about
something that apparently happened with the three of you when he was
helping you with the suntan goo. We’re not sure how to handle this
situation, so if you don’t mind, could you tell us what happened.”Justin offered to explain the whole incident. “It started when…and I fell
asleep…Doug thought that…out of the room…conversation about other
guests…have you talked to your parents about this?”"Wow!” Walt said, “then Teddy was telling the truth.”I spoke up at that comment. “Were you not believing him that he spoke the
truth? Is he in trouble? Because neither of us could believe that such
things were being asked of him, whether you knew of it or not. He’s really
hurting inside over all this; it will have long-lasting effects on him Lolita Toplists if
he doesn’t stop. We both have seen it happen coming from the city. I may be
stepping out of line here, and apologize if I am, but Ted has become a
friend of ours in the very short time we’ve known him and we’ don’t believe
that either of you would want him to be hurt in any way like this. You’ve
done such a wonderful job of raising him and he wants so much to find
someone to love and love him after meeting us and watching how we managed
to handle this threat to our relationship. We hope that you want the same
thing for him too.”"Of course we do,” Walt said. In fact, we really invited you back to thank
you for bringing this to our attention and for supporting Teddy when he
didn’t get our support. I don’t know why we didn’t see this happening, but
there will be a change of policy and Teddy’ duties effective
immediately. Nobody is going to take advantage of our son in any way.”Ted came slowly down the stairs, walked over to his dad’s, and kissed and
hugged them both.”Thank you dad. Both of you. I was feeling that you didn’t care about me
any longer.Walt looked at Ted with all the love that only a parent Lolita Toplists
understands. “Son,
we’re always here for you to talk to, no matter what you need to talk
about. You can come to us with anything. And if Lolita Toplists we’re not available, call
the two psychiatrists here, they’re pretty good. Speaking of you two guys,
is everything okay between you?”"Yes. We sorted out our feelings right then and there, and helped Ted here
sort out his thoughts right after that. We really like him and hope to be
able to spend some time with him while we’re here…if that’s okay with you
guys.”"The three of you and Teddy’s boyfriend, if Teddy wants him too, can spend
all the time together you want with our blessing. Maybe they’ll learn a
little bit about how to strengthen their relationship with you guys setting
the example.”"Well, I don’t know about that, but we’ll have some fun together and maybe
that’s what Ted needs…some hang time with guys his age, eh Ted?”"That sounds great to me. Dad, does this mean I get a little extra time off
this week?”"The whole week son. You’ve been working too hard anyway and we forget
you’re human, so we’ll call in the part-time help to cover the shifts and
you do whatever you want. I’ll give you some extra money to spend for
vacation money too.”"Jeez, this is great, you both are the best parents anyone could ask
for. Thanks. I love you both.”Ted gave both of his dads hugs and kisses before we all headed out to our
bungalow. The maids recognized Ted and said, “Good morning boss,” when they
saw him. They all liked Ted and he them. It seemed like one, big family…a
factor that cemented our future relationship with our new friends and
forever vacation spot.”So Ted, now you’ve got time off, what are you going to Lolita Toplists
do?” Justin asked.”Well…I think I’ll call Frank and give him one more chance to hang out
with me. If he does then maybe we can all go down to Santa Cruz or into
Frisco. I’ll call him from my room and let you know. Sound okay?”"Sounds okay with us bud. San Francisco sounds better though. Lots more to
do and we’ve never been there. We’d like to go to the Fisherman’s Wharf.”"Let me go call him and I’ll be right back. Either way we’ll head up
there. It’s a couple hours drive each way so we have to get going. Bring
warm clothes, it gets chilly there.”Ted headed off to his room to change and call Frank. We put together a
couple backpacks with a change of clothes, suntan lotion and our
cameras. While we waited for Ted we laid down on the bed and rested for a
moment Lolita Toplists and cuddled, snuggling up close. I wrapped my arms around Justin
from behind, my right arm behind and under his neck and the other over his
tight Lolita Toplists
tummy, rubbing his upper chest. Our legs were tucked up tight
together…nice and warm. I laid my head up close to his, nuzzling the back
of his neck like a fuzzy pony, his hair tickling my forehead I loved
it and him.It was about fifteen minutes or so later before Ted knocked on the door. We
knew it would be him so Justin told him to come in. He walked in with his
backpack in his hand, a jealous look on his face, and the news that Frank
would be right over to go with us. We didn’t even move we were so
comfortable.I lifted my head enough to see Ted; “Don’t mind us, we’re just
resting. That’s great that Frank’s coming. We’ll have a lot of fun
together.”Ted was obviously hoping he would have the same kind of closeness we had
because he couldn’t take his eyes off us.”You guys Lolita Toplists are so in love it makes me even more sorry for what I was
thinking last night. I’m really jealous.”"Stop it Ted.” I said, looking right at him, “that’s all settled and over
with. You did nothing wrong, we’re all okay, as you can see, and we’re not
going to have any pity parties today, okay? You and Frank are going to
spend time together with us having a great time. If anything at all happens
today, maybe Frank will see how close Justin and I are, how we treat each
other, and maybe he’ll change his attitude a little and take better care of
you. So think positive and throw a little lovin’ his way. Okay? And also
talk to him, tell him how you feel. Communicate a little instead of holding
it inside.”"Okay, thanks. I will. He should be here in a minute. He just lives down
the road a few miles.”"Good, then we can get going. Lolita Toplists Who’s driving?”"I can since I know the roads and my way around the city.”"Okay, we’ll pay for gas.”"No way guys. My treat for being my new friends and helping open the door
with my dads for a good talk. By the way, today is really on them. They
gave me some money for us to use for whatever we want, their new Mercedes
to drive for the whole day with a full tank of gas, plus a reservation at
one of our favorite restaurants on the wharf near the Ghiradelli Chocolate
Store…yum.”"Wow, that’s really nice of them. We’ll have to get them something nice in
town,” Justin said. “They really love you very much.”"They do, and I’m not always very good at returning the same to them. I can
be a spoiled brat when I want to be. Maybe it’s time to grow up a little.”Just then a small but noisy little hot rod pulled up and parked close to
the bungalow.”Frank’s here!”, Ted said as he went running out the door.We watched as Frank exited his hot rod. From what we could see, he was
about five feet 6-7 inches tall, lanky build, sagging jeans, a few tat’s on
his upper arms, dark blond hair, and now covered with a hormone filled Ted.They kissed and hugged tight like they hadn’t seen each other for a long
time.Justin leaned close to my ear and whispered, “I’d say there’s something
good goin’ on there, wouldn’t you babe?”"I think so…I hope so…for Ted’s sake, he really Lolita Toplists needs someone to settle
him down a little and give him a few reasons to do that settlin’
down. Well…shall we go meet Frank before he dies from lack of oxygen and
get going?”We grasped hands and walked towards Frank and Ted, carrying our packs,
ready to go.”Okay guys, Ted?…shall we get going?”A body slowly peeled itself off Frank and, standing up sporting an obvious
boner, Ted introduced us. Frank was a very handsome guy and seemed to treat
Ted very well as we started off on our trip to the big city. Frank ended up
driving with Ted sitting by his side. It was obvious that Ted needed, and
was open and looking for, true affection from Frank, although he had told
us earlier on that he thought that Frank might be cheating on him, didn’t
show him a lot of affection, and seemed distant sometimes, acting as a
boyfriend only when it was convenient for him; we couldn’t tell any of that
by they way he was responding to Ted’s advances. All the way to the city he
either held Ted’s hand or rubbed his leg, kissing him as much as Justin and
I do; it was such a nice feeling in our hearts that, at least for the time
being, Ted was getting the attention he deserved.As we chatted on the ride in we learned that Frank also grew up in the area
and had known Ted since they were kids. They had gone to the same schools
but had been in different “clique’s” in junior and high school. Frank was
more athletic, what he admitted to being called a “jock”, and Ted was into
music, drama and other non-violent sports. Essentially, their paths rarely
crossed because of the labeling. But Ted had had a crush on Frank since
Junior High and would often find himself sitting on the bleachers during
practices, going to his games, things like that just to watch him in the
hopes of catching his eye. Surprisingly, Frank did notice Ted at his
practices and games, and Lolita Toplists
everywhere else, but was afraid, being one of the
jocks, to say anything to him for fear of being called a fagot and ousted
from the clique. It was the typical school peer pressure thing, which still
remains today and can lead to some unfortunate beatings and even
deaths. Bigotry and fear still remain alive and well in this country and a
lot of it is taught to us by our parents, teachers and others around us.Ted had his head on Franks shoulder all this time, so when we started to
hit the heavy traffic of the city he reluctantly sat up so he could see
better to be our guide and also watch for traffic signs for Frank. We had
decided to spend time on the wharf first, browsing stores and checking out
the food samples. We walked the length of the wharf hand in hand, as did
Teddy and Frank, checking out the food, the stores, the guys we can
still look you know , the submarine, ending up on the trolley, riding
all the way to the Market Street turnaround where we visited the Virgin
Megastore and bought some CD’s and things.Frank wanted to go to FAO Schwartz store to get something for Ted, so off
we went to the store, a huge three-story playland of stuffed toys and all
sorts of fun things to play with. The guys went off to play with all the
dazzling toys like two little kids. We watched them for a few minutes and
it was obvious that they loved each other very much by the way they clung
together…we also noticed that Frank seemed more reserved than Ted, but
figured that he was just more reserved.Justin and I spent time wandering around looking at the stuffed bears,
displays, and all the amazing toys that cost way too much. Occasionally we
would run into the guys and find a big smile on Ted’s face, not from where
they were or what they were looking at, but from the pure pleasure that
being with Frank had on him. Time would tell how things would continue to
remain so positive.Frank ended up buying a Steiff bear, one of the most expensive types of
stuffed bears in the store, for Ted. We all jumped on the trolley car going
back down to the wharf. On the way there was a cameraman taking some
unusual pictures of the trolley car as it came towards him…we just missed
him as his camera grazed the outside edge of the car. Close call, but the
conductor must be used to these things because he never slowed down. I
wondered how many people got run over by these things every year as my foot
just cleared his head.We arrived back at the trolley turnaround in time to make the reservation
at the restaurant overlooking the old schooner moored nearby.”Shall we take a booth guys, or a table?” Justin asked.Frank picked out a nice booth near the front window where we could see the
wharf, the boat, and part of the Golden Gate Bridge. He and Ted with
his new bear slid into one side and we on the other. Our waitress
asked for our drink order and disappeared.”So Frank, do you come into the city very much?” I asked.”Not very often, but my parents used to bring me to the wharf to walk
around and sample the foods, go into the museums and gifts shops, and ride
the trolley’s. So I know my way around pretty good.”"Do you live with your parents now?”"No, I have my own place just down the road from Teddy’s. My parents
divorced and left me with my grandmother when I was 13. My parents were
into drugs and even sold them. I guess my mom couldn’t handle it and went
off the deep end after leaving me. She was checked into a mental
institution somewhere and I’ve never heard from her again. My father still
does drugs, has spent time in prison, and never calls me, although the last
I knew, he was living somewhere near here.”"I’m really sorry about your parents. I can’t even imagine how you made it
this far. Was living with your grandmother okay?”"I had a tough time living there, getting into fights all the time, I was
picked on in school and called a sissy. I went through all the beatings and
stuff, but I developed this tough guy shell after a while and soon nobody
bothered me. That’s when I became involved in the sports and hung with the
tough guys to keep my image. I didn’t understand what it was to be gay, but
I knew that I liked looking at boys instead of being interested in
girls. Teddy and I were in the same school, and I was always picking on
him, but I never hurt him or anything. I had to keep my image up, but
secretly I had a crush on him and would check him out in the showers when
nobody was looking. It wasn’t until we were out of school that things
changed for me.”Teddy had been sitting there all the time, holding Frank’s hand and
listening to him as if he was Lolita Toplists
hearing all new things.Our waitress came with our drinks right then, but with all the talking we
had forgotten to look at our menu’s. She offered to come back in a few
minutes and we gladly thanked her.”What are you having Justin?” I asked. I was thinking of having the lasagna
with a salad.”I think I’ll have the fish special on the board over there. That sounds
pretty good.”Frank leaned into the table towards Justin and said, “I’ve had that before
and it’s very good. I think I’ll go with that too.” Settling back beside
Ted he asked him what he was having.”Well, since dad’s paying I think I’ll have the lobster special…we can
share it,” as he looked at Frank.”That sounds great honey.” He put his menu down, took Ted’s and placed it
on his, and then took Ted’s hand in his and slid close to him.Justin and I did the same, Lolita Toplists smiling at each other, thinking the same
thoughts about the two lovers sitting across from us. I had a new respect
for Frank after listening to his brief, but sensitive revelation of his
life. Somehow, out of adversity, he had become a sensitive young man who
seemed to know what he wanted. Maybe Teddy was the one that needed a little
help in this relationship.But this was not the time for any more analysis. The waitress took our
order and we talked of little things as we ate and shared. This evening was
one of the most memorable of our trip and Justin and I would remember this
and our new friends for life.The sun was setting as we made our way back to the car, glad we had bought
souvenir sweat shirts as the wind, whipped up over the salty water of the
bay, drove the chill Lolita Toplists right through our bodies. Once in the car Justin and I
snuggled together in the back seat as Frank and Ted climbed into the front.Once we were away from the city traffic, Ted laid down with his head as
close to Frank’s lap as he could without getting crushed by the steering
wheel…and promptly fell asleep as Frank ran his fingers through his hair.Still over an hour away from the house, Justin laid down with his head in
my lap, crunched himself up from the chill, and also went to sleep as I
wrapped my arm around his tight stomach. My own breathing began to
synchronize with his Lolita Toplists as his breathing slowed down. Frank and I talked
quietly so as not to wake our sleeping babies.”So Doug, what’s your life been like?”"Boy, that’s a long story. While I had a good life growing up, nothing like
you had, I certainly have had an interesting life once I moved out west.”I told him about my move to the desert city, how I met Joe and Jeff, the
whole line of events that led up to where we were now. That took quite some
time and I left out a lot, but Frank was speechless when I finished.”Man, I thought I had a tough life, but you’ve been through hell and
back. The shootings, the close calls, having to look over your shoulder all
the time, and even not knowing what the future might bring from all
that. I’ll tell you Lolita Toplists one thing though, you have a wonderful man in your
life. I’ve been watching you two today…the way you communicate without
speaking, the love you have for each other that seems to infect
others. That’s what I want, need, and desire to have with Teddy. I love him
so much, and have since our school days. Somehow, even back then I knew we
would be together some day, but it was my reluctance to come out that
stopped us from becoming boyfriends. Even now I sometimes struggle with old
ways, habits and memories that come between us.”"Let me ask you something personal if I may,” I said.”Shoot.”"I can’t tell you how to live your life, or how to make your relationship
work with Ted, but have you cheated on him since you’ve been ‘officially’
going together?”"Wow! Right to the point question. Ummmmmm…to be honest with you, when we
first started going together, I was still confused about my sexuality and I
did have a few partners, but I always used condoms and practiced safe
sex. Plus I was recently tested and I’m negative…if that’s what you’re
trying to get at.”"Well, not really, but it’s good to know for Ted’s sake. I won’t say
anything to him, that’s between you guys. It was just that he mentioned
that he wasn’t sure of your commitment to a monogamous relationship between
the two of you and, while it’s really none of our business, we like Ted a
lot and wouldn’t want to see him hurt.”"I love Teddy with all my heart and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt
him. Like I said, I’ve loved him for years from a distance, and now we’re
together…something I never imagined would happen. But old habits are hard
to break and I’m just learning how to be totally involved with someone like
Ted, who doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Neither of us have had the
best examples of how to be in a relationship, except for his fathers advice
here and there. So we’ve both had our good and bad days, but I still love
him with every fiber of my being and I know he feels Lolita Toplists
the same.”"Thanks for sharing that with me. I believe that you guys will make it and
enjoy a wonderful life together. You’re very open about your feelings, and
I suspect hurt very easily as well. I can relate to that. I hope that you
and Ted work out your differences, if any, and realize how much you mean to
each other. Lolita Toplists He’s a special guy…and we’ve only known him for a few days.”"I appreciate your confidence in me…us. I think we should all spend time
together this week and get to know one another better. I can see if I can
get the rest of the week off. I know Teddy has it off and we’ve never had
enough time together to enjoy each other and really learn what makes each
other ‘tick’…but the sex is great!”We both laughed…I guess a little too loudly as the two sleeping beauties
rustled awake and slowly sat up, wiping their eyes almost in sync.”Are we home yet?” Ted asked Frank.”Just a mile or so to go babe.”"Good, I’m exhausted. Can you stay over tonight with me?”"I’d love to sweetie…have I told you today how much I love you?”"I think so, but say it again, I’m a little sleepy handsome.”——————————————————-Well, at least it’s a nice ending to this chapter. It looks like the week
is going to turn out to be more fun now that Doug and Justin have made
friends with Frank and Ted. Will the week turn out to be as much fun as
they hope for? We’ll see…——————————————————-On another note, thanks for your patience in waiting for this chapter. The
passing of my father was rather sudden and it has taken some time to adjust
to the change. I appreciate the support of my readers and hope that you
continue to follow me along as I work on some new stories in addition to
this one.Thanks, Barry
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